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Latest events happening in or around the Scottsdale area.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_amrit.pngAll are invited to join the Happy 420! Class happening on Friday, July 3, 2015. This class is from 4:20 to 5:20 in the afternoon and will be held at the Funke Yoga, 7375 E Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Guests will get to think and do some relaxing stretches with a short Yoga Nidra session prior to shavasana.

Yoga Nidra is considered to be among the most effective and least explored techniques for unleashing the power of your deep unconscious. Sleep is the literal translation of Nidra. Nevertheless, Yoga Nidra is a dynamic state and not the unconscious sleep of nighttime.

The first class is free so be sure to register THROUGH THIS LINK. Donations are likewise welcome and can be made by CLICKING HERE.

More details are posted at http://www.amrityoga.org/.




Tb2ap3_thumbnail_AzGA.pnghe Arizona Geographic Alliance requests everyone’s presence at their Interpreting Primary Sources using a Geographic Lens Workshop happening on Friday, June 26 to Saturday, June 27, 2015. The event starts at 8:00 in the evening and will be held at SkySong, 1475 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Guests will get to learn about five new tools which have never before been used by educators. It is developed by geographers in analyzing and interpreting documents, photos, maps, political cartoons, and other primary sources.

Lunch and snacks are likewise provided. There will also be attendance for the duration of the workshop, a $50 travel stipend upon completion of ARS, as well as 22 professional development hours, to name a few.

This is a free workshop but attendees have to make a $40 deposit by CLICKING HERE.

Be sure to reserve your slot early as seating is limited.

More details are posted at http://geoalliance.asu.edu.




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b2ap3_thumbnail_newtown.pngThe Newtown Community Development Corporation is inviting all to attend the Community Land Trust Orientation happening on Thursday, June 25, 2015. The event will be from 6:30 to 7:30 in the evening at the Hatton Hall, 34 E 7th Street, Tempe, Arizona.

 Participants will get to learn about Newtown CLT programs, how a typical rehabilitation looks like, how the ground lease works, how to buy a CLT home, knowing one’s eligibility and income requirements, as well as city-specific information such as income, property requirements, and target areas.

Admission is for free. Those interested may register THROUGH THIS LINK.

Be sure to grab this opportunity to learn more about community land trust.

For more details, feel free to visit http://www.newtowncdc.org/.




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All are invited to be part of the Father’s Day celebration happening on Friday, June 19, 2015. The event will be held at 1:00 in the afternoon at the Granite Reef Senior Center, 1700 N. Granite Reef Road, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Attendees will get to celebrate Father’s Day in the sweetest way possible. There will be fun entertainment, sweet dessert table, and delicious snacks.s

Admission is $5 for residents and $7 for non-residents.

Interested parties may call 480-312-1700 to register for the event.

Tag along some friends and relatives with you to make the event even more memorable.s

To learn more about the Scottsdale’s senior centers, feel free to visit THIS SITE. More details are posted at http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov.





b2ap3_thumbnail_AR_003_Superheroes_suuuuper_cute.jpgScottsdale Summer Reading Program

All are invited to participate at the Summer Reading program happening on Thursday, June 18, 2015. The event will be held simultaneously all throughout Scottsdale’s Public Library branches up until Sunday, August 2, 2015.

Kids, teens, and adults will be earning one point for every minute they spend reading. Parents of pre-readers (aged zero to four) may register their child online and then stop by the library to learn more about how they can easily participate in the summer reading together with their children. This allows them to get prepped for reading. All ages can earn additional points through their attendance at designated library programs all summer long.

More details can be found at http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov and http://www.scottsdalelibrary.org.